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PAINTER8 began as a communication platform in 2013 for the artists involved in it to escape the isolation of their studios.

Each artist of PAINTER8 brings forth their own unique views and experiences to create a lively and diverse appreciation and conversation about where art can lead. There is within it a sampling of colour theory, form, philosophy, debate, and study.

Originally, PAINTER8 provided an opportunity for each artist to share ideas, thoughts and musings about art forms such as music, visual arts, film or theatre. It has evolved into a highly motivating, project based springboard for it’s members to directly challenge and problem solve specific concepts and ideas. While some artists are highly prolific, others lean towards the theoretical. Whether abstract, figurative or conceptual, members of Painter8 aim to establish dialogue and challenge each other as artists both in theory and in form. Painter8 is a BC registered arts society.

PAINTER8 has a dynamic evolving platform of founding artists and guest artists across Canada supported by a Board of Directors . They have exhibited in Vancouver, Edmonton, Miami, and New York.



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