PAINTER8 Arts Society


Montréal, Qc

Born in Chile, I live in Canada since 1975. I practice painting professionally since 1996.

Painting in a realist style, my subject matter centers around the portrait genre, where I explore the relationship between the individual and his difficult connection to reality. My painted architectural constructions are strongly influenced by the cut-and-paste esthetic of computer software like photoshop. In my paintings, silhouettes and realistically painted characters offer a complex way of looking at public spaces. Inspired by philosophy, I create images in which characters seem to float in undescript or strange surroundings. This expresses a certain strangeness that characterizes a being’s relation to the world. My recent series were inspired by Martin Heidegger’s phenomenological concepts of «strangeness» and «being there», Albert Camus’ concept of «fallenness» and Jürgen Habermas’ concept of «public space». My last show was created as an interpretation of Shakespeare’s play King Lear. In this play, I explore the confrontation between the individual conscience of the characters and a more present, post-modern and cut-up vision of the individual and the self.




image right: Personae



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