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@ Red Gate Arts Society
855 E Hastings St, Vancouver

Exhibition Dates: April 6- April 9.
Opening Thursday, April 6 -7pm to 9pm.
Certain artists in attendance.

SAUCY: audacious, bold, brash, brazen, disrespectful, flippant, fresh, impertinent, impudent, insolent, pert, precocious, presumptuous, shameless.

Free to interpretation from all visual artists of PAINTER8.

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Hours: Friday, April 7: 12pm - 6pm
Saturday, April 8: 12pm - 6pm
& Sunday, April 9: 12pm - 6pm

Free admission. Open to the public.


Artists exhibiting: (in order of the slideshow right)

Tom Cummins (Vancouver-Auckland)
notabrush, notabrush, digital print on canvas edition

Robert Pierce (Calgary)
Drawings: Sauce Box, Momentum, Pysche-Amor

Chrissy Cheung (Vancouver)
PIQUANT, large-scale acrylic on canvas

Dawna Mark (Calgary)
8th Birthday, oil on canvas

Tim Rechner (Edmonton)
Asthma, oil on canvas
Anti-Depressants, oil on canvas

Gavin Sewell (NYC- Montreal)
Some Like it Hot, mixed media 3D

Craig Talbot (Cardston, AB)
Radio, oil, liquid latex
The Cube as it appears in Nature
Blowing Leaves as a Mouse

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SAUCY exhibition PAINTER8
Saucy show by PAINTER8 install shot
Robert Pierce artwork
PAINTER8 exhibits SAUCY installation shot
Saucy installation shot
Installation shot
Tim Rechner, Painter8
Saucy installation
Craig Talbot with Painter8