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Vancouver, BC

Previous Exhibition:
Nov 2017. Eastside Culture Crawl, Vancouver, BC
1000 Parker St.


Chrissy Cheung’s images compel the viewer to follow the lines and modes of connection through which she brings her work to vibrant life.

Though abstract in form, her paintings and drawings employ figurative material in complex, nuanced, and detailed ways. Though the complementary logics of collage, juxtaposition, and transformation, for example, such matierial- from the worlds of the reai, the imaginery, the subconscious, and more- becomes powerfully allusive.

Vitally, Cheung's work represents and embodies motion, both her own movement in the rendering and, subsequenetly and enticingly, that of the engaged viewer's eyes. In this way, she captures the essence of temporal, physical artistic forms of dance and music, which are significant sources of inspiraition.


Chrissy K. Cheung grew up in the Toronto area and showed a serious interest in art from the age of seven. She moved to Montréal in 1996 to study at Concordia University, and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2000. In May 1999, she was chosen to do an industrial design internship in Milan, Italy, with Alejandro Ruiz. 

Cheung has been reviewed in many publications, including Akimbo, Now Magazine- Toronto and featured on the CityShow on CityTV, Calgary. She was selected to be part of the Salon des Arts at Montréal's Osheaga Festival in 2008. Cheung has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout Canada and internationally, including a major 2010 painting exhibit, Structured Abstractions, at the 2 of 2 Gallery, Toronto, organized by Pari Nadimi. Her art is part of numerous private and corporate collections across Canada, the US, and Europe.

Chrissy is the curator for PAINTER8- Contact C. Currently her large-scale paintings are on display at 1, Place Ville Marie in Montréal, Québec.


image right:

Citscape, acrylic on canvas, 40" x 80'

followed by
Melon Ocean, acrylic on canvas, 30" x 100"

followed by
Fly, painter's tape, graphite, coloured pencils, and ink, 15.5" x 17.5" framed

followed by
Metal No. 1, steel on wood, 24'' x 26''



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Chrissy Cheung - Cityscape

Metal No.1 by Chrissy Cheung

Chrissy Cheung- Melon Ocean

Fly by Chrissy Cheung (mixed media on paper)