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Vancouver, BC


My journey began in the era of photographic film and light meters and has landed me here where the field blossoms and the journey enriches interpretations and reflects upon itself. I was born in Quebec City, have lived and grazed most all the provinces east to west in both official languages.

Analogue to Digital is freeing the eye to see what secret worlds hide in plain sight. From microscopic captures to outdoor horizons. Chosen subjects interpreted by vision and broad experience in a chosen media. A gift to literally see trough someone else’s intellectual eyes. These unaltered printable images are low resolution and print to max 30”x40” @100 dpi. They were crafted on a final draft out as an 11”x14” print @300 dpi.

image right: IMG_1915, digital photo
image right: IMG_1624, 4032 x 2688
image right: image_67505153
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KR Mastine, IMG 1915
KR Mastine
KR Mastine