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Toronto, ON

Guest Artist for Invisible @ Galerie Cité with PAINTER8

Recent Solo Exhibtion:
ON TABLE, 50 Gladstone, Toronto

From the earliest stage in my development, stability and peace were the foundation in building my work, and the passage from the East to West provided the structure. After living in Canada for nearly 50 years, the living environment and daily life gradually increased in their presence. I am discovering small things around me. Hence I use threads, paper, newspaper, twigs from my backyard,  stuff around the kitchen, like cinnamon sticks, garlic stems, glass bottles as well as other found materials. These little elements helps me to tell more complex stories and enriches my expression in my work about life and living.








images right:

“Moss Green”, found wood, 31 x 15 x 2 cm (2011)

“The Tragic Venture of an Ant in My Bathtub” wire, maple, forsythia, acrylic paint, 145 x 81 x 42 cm (2018)

Install shot of exhbition in Montreal


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Kai Chan artwork "Moss Green"
Kai Chan artwork
Kai Chan exhibit