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Cardston, AB
instagram: @desertsabbatical

Past Exhibition:
Opening: Sat. April 27, 2019
Sanctuary, Spruce Grove, Alberta

Art for me has always been about the expression of experience and emotions that materialize as we move through life. It is through the painting medium that I manifest these expressions. My art process itself is both intuitive and calculated. Intuitively, I use washes and create textural effects. It is the structural forms and colours in the paintings that require a more controlled technique.

I am deeply influenced by the emotional value and symbolism of colour. I use bright, bold colours to fully represent the intensity and beauty of life. Some further examples of symbolism are my use of red and white. Red for blood, which I interpret as life force. White is purity, a cleansing of negative emotions and thoughts. Alternately, white is used to create a meditative field, a place for the eye to rest within the fast-pace of other parts of the paintings. This resting ground also refers to my spiritual safe place.

A term I’ve used to explain my work is “re-constructivism”, it represents the re-building process necessary to recover from painful emotions or memories. My use of collage and text are a direct reference to this re-building process. Much of the text used are symbols of my experiences, they indicate memories I want to preserve, along with my inner dialogue. Like collage, my memories are often fragmented, and change rapidly between past and present. I also experience false memories. When using text, every word is a symbol of these fragments of memory so I carefully choose each one. By collaging thoughts and memories together with text, I bring them into a strong, unified and powerful form.

Although there is always an element of healing in the paintings, a spirituality expressed mostly through colour and text, it is also the act of painting itself that is often cathartic. Over the years, through painting, I have learned how to re-direct negative energy, to find positivity and happiness amongst strife. My paintings have a high emotional value and every detail is carefully executed. There is an embued spirituality present in the act of painting and I am emotionally transformed as I paint, it produces in me a feeling of freedom. The tactility of the brush on the canvas and in my grasp, the paint on my hands, my music playing in the background, these are moments that I truly cherish.

image right:
Installtion of Discovery of House at Casa, Lethbridge

followed by
Installtion of Saucy, Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver

followed by
Clouds, graphite, coloured pencil, acrylic, 23” x 30''

followed by
Brick Separator, oil, 8" x 10". 20cm x 25cm




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Craig Talbot's solo exhibition @ Casa, Lethbridge


Craig Talbot with Painter8
Craig Talbot, Clouds
Craig Talbot- Painter8
craig talbot