PAINTER8 Arts Society


Edmonton, AB

My work has long been situated in my interest in the built environment and everyday objects that surround us. I am often drawn to commonplace objects and spaces for their aesthetic and formal qualities. I am also fascinated in the way light cast onto objects and into spaces, has the ability to provide a sense of drama to an otherwise ordinary scene or everyday object.

Using photo documentation of objects and spaces that I encounter in daily life, I am able to digitally arrange and manipulate images highlighting aspects of the objects and scenes that first captured my interest. As a result of my digital editing process, I am able to assemble collages that I later use as painting references.

Within the compositions that I create, it is my intention to shift the viewer’s perception of what they typically think of as being mundane into something of interest and contemplation.


Image right:

Kitchen Reflections,
Oil on canvas, 24”x30”

Self-Absorbed Cord,
Oil on canvas


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Beth Pederson
Beth Pederson- Self-Absorbed Cord