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Works in Berlin, Germany

Adrian Williams is a Canadian visual artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba and a graduate of the University of Manitoba. He was an original member of Winnipeg’s Royal Art Lodge and has since spent time producing work in Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles and Winnipeg. He has exhibited internationally and his works are part of various private and public collections, including the National Gallery of Canada. He currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

His work is drawing-based, usually on paper or wood, and often uses collage, paint, varnish and other miscellaneous material. Subject matter drifts between the philosophical, the despondent and the humorous. The artist conceives of his work as, essentially, failed poetry. Other creative forays include music recordings of invented, generally ill-fated, musical instruments.





image right:
The whole in my head,
blue pen, hand carved stamp images on book paper
60 cm x 105 cm

Willy 4,
work on paper

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Artwork by Adrian Williams
Adrian Williams