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Aaron Sidorenko is an Alberta based visual artist. He has exhibited mostly in his hometown of Calgary Canada and also in Ottawa, Glasgow, Vancouver, Wausua and Wisconsin. Aaron is collected around the world in private, corporate and institutional collections. He is represented by Paul Kuhn Gallery of Fine Art.

Aaron is part of the art group G9, made up of a spectrum of mid and late career, multi-genre visual artists. He is also a guest artist with the PAINTER8 Arts Society and founder of Calgary’s biannual People’s Portrait Prize, where he oversees over 200 artists participating in a portraiture/figurative competition/celebration.

Aaron grew up in Calgary and was heavily influenced by his artist father and his friends from age zero whom also attended Alberta University of the Arts (formally ACA) in the mid-sixties. At the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) and later New York Academy of Art NYC, Aaron’s biggest learning curves and development in all things art and practice. It is the journey through making that is everything, the end result just being that of wabi-sabi. Laid bare for display wherever that can happen.

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 Aaron Sidorenko