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image: installation for PAINTER8's, Whisper exhibition in Miami


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PAINTER8 is looking for an intern!

The intern will work directly alongside the Director. 

This is a volunteer position where the intern will learn hands-on how to deliver an art exhibition with our not-for-profit organization.

They will learn from a seasoned art-professional how to keep image files made for print, social media, and for promotion using the Adobe Creative Suite.

What is required by the intern:

-a laptop or personal computer, 2-5 hours a week, an interest in the fine arts, meet the director in person in East Vancouver .

We welcome your candiature by submitting your resume to

Thank you for your interest in Painter8.


Here are a few words from Allison Eng, fomer arts intern, “Working with Chrissy at PAINTER8 was a great experience - I got to dip my toes in Adobe Creative Suite and learn how to use a few of the industry standard programs to help them with an upcoming show. I was able to design graphics for an art show catalogue that was held in Edmonton and met with Chrissy regularly to put on and organize the show.”

"This internship opened my eyes towards the various aspects of an artist’s life. “An artist’s life” requires diligence and an organized studio practice, but also meticulous preparation before each piece, as well as being involved in the logistics and labor in installing a piece of work. I could not have found a more fulfilling experience than at Painter8." - Madelyn Yow, arts intern


Painter8's Whisper exhibition, Miami, Florida